How To Get Free Numerology Reading For This Year


How To Get a Free Numerology Reading for 2017




“What’s in my future for 2017?”

It’s the New Year and we’re asking this question again.

Always had that interest in divination — especially the predictive arts mentioned in the Old Testament.

What’s in our future?

It’s fun to look at the daily horoscope, eh?  We do it.  You do it.  And sometimes — well, it gives us hope.  Not very accurate, but it’s fun — put it that way.

A more revealing way of forecasting the future is Dream Interpretation.  I’ve always had a fascination with the meaning of dreams, especially after a long talk with science fiction and fantasy author/editor Lin Carter at Detroit TriCon ’72.  Lin believed that dreams were the source of the primal motifs of mythology, folk tales and the best fantasy fiction.  I liked Lin (he loved my first published story “Ornithanthropus”, which had a lot of buzz then) and he had a lifetime of fantastical research to reveal.

Carl Jung, too, has been an essential lifelong guide to that discipline.  Dreams tell us a lot about ourselves, our journey and our essential Human connections.  Sometimes they reveal our future, but not that often.  Essentially, dreams are about our journey past, present and sometimes future.  They’re mostly about Now and who we are.

My favourite way of looking at our personal future is Numerology.  A dusty old science that’s gone high-tech.  And gained an avid following.  Don’t know why, but it often seems to get it right.  So…




In the Holy Bible, Numerology is one of only three surviving sciences of Divination sanctified by God. These three were:

(1.) Casting by lot, using a pebble as a method of ascertaining the Divine Will.

(2.) Dream Interpretation, as used by Joseph, Daniel, Jakob and many others…

(3.) Numerology — “Daniel understood by books the number of the years…”

In the Christian Era, Numerologists and Dream Interpreters have grown with the Faith. While the practitioners of other arts (“the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers”) have until recently been shunned, because it was believed their practice attracted dark forces.

Numerology evolved 4000 years ago in the ancient civilizations of Sumar and Egypt.  Modern Numerology as we know it and it is practiced was mainly formulated and established by one man: Pythagoras of Samos, Greece, born 580 years before Christ. He’s been called “the greatest mystical philosopher off all time.” He formulated principles in religion, philosophy, mathematics, music theory and geometry that still affect us.

Well, you remember the Pythagorean Theorem from high school: the sides of a right angle triangle and the hypotenuse…  He saw Creation as “Being built upon the power of numbers.”

And of all his discoveries and teachings, the one that speaks strongest to us today is “the psychic science of Numerology. It’s an ancient science that is suddenly brand new, the latest and hottest thing.”

To the theories given us by Pythagoras, some of the most talented practitioners today have added their own researches. Some have re-introduced elements of it as practiced by the Royal families of Sumer: the belief that numbers are the Language of God, that Numerology — when seasoned with the powers of Faith and Prayer — is “a doorway to recovered happiness and fulfillment.”  A Numerology Calculator can produce a personal chart that will reveal everything from your birth destiny and compatibility with others to your future.

Your questions, whether about a job, romance or about your spiritual journey, are important to you…


Each of us has a specific BIRTH NUMBER and a NAME NUMBER

Your Birth Number is locked in Time. It can’t be changed. It signifies the astronomical influences — especially Solar influences — on your embryonic development and concluding with the vibratory influences existing at the time of your birth. It indicates your individual character-type and your Fate. Like Lady Gaga sang, “Baby, I was born this way.”  It is the number of PREDESTINATION.

Your Name Number is the number of growth, of change. Your name, of course, was given to you for any of a variety of reasons. It may have changed over the years — did you have a baby name, a nickname, change due to marriage or circumstance? Each form is a vibrational expression of your personality. Your name number is the number of change, of DEVELOPMENT.


ONE:  1 is the timeless number of the Sun.  The Source of Life.  Seeking the spotlight — the Sun.  It’s a single-minded vibration, strong and unstoppable.  “A” is the first letter of the alphabet and numerologists like to point out that “A” words like Action, Accomplishment, Aggression, Agility, Ambition, Aspiration and Attraction describe One People.  They can be single-minded, highly successful and — depending on connections with others — can be great leaders or tyrants.

TWO:  2 is the number of Duality. Light and dark. Right and wrong. Traditionally, 2 is the number of the Moon. Like the Moon, “2” people are constantly changing… “You are a very sensitive person. You can be deeply hurt. To protect yourself, you can sometimes wear an armor of toughness. You must learn to use your sensitivity to help others, and therefore yourself. But don’t be afraid to howl at the Moon.”

THREE:  “3 people” are truly blessed. Three is the Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Virgin, Mother and Wise Woman. Past, Present and Future. “Three times lucky.” Traditionally, 3 is the number of Mercury. The elusive Winged Messenger of mythology.[1]  The symbol of lightness, speed and freedom. “The Mercurian in you can be brought out if you wish it. You can learn to literally spread your wings and soar above the ordinary world. Free forever!”

FOUR:  4 is the number of steadfastness. Four-square. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Earth, wind, fire and water. The four-gated city is an ancient symbol of the balanced soul. “4” people are determined, honest, reliable and forthright. In tradition, 4 is the number of Jupiter. The great composer Gustav Holst called Jupiter the bringer of Jollity and imagined him as “one of those jolly fat people who enjoy life.”

FIVE:  5 is the number of Adventure. An enthusiastic, curious, restless nature. 5 is the number of Mars. Born with physical drive and energy, an aggressive nature that can enable them to win big at the game of life. Like the medieval Knights Templar, they must balance their fierceness with a spiritual cause. “Apply your heart unto wisdom.”

SIX:  6 is the number of CHRIST. Traditionally, the number of Venus. Beauty, charm, love of music, art and the spiritual. The power to promote friendships and end arguments and discord.  They have a sense of justice, balancing truth and justice.  Six People work best when making life better for others.

SEVEN:  7 is the number of Mysticism. Of the seven prismatic colors. The seven days of the week. “7” people may be meant to follow a spiritual path, or a scholarly, creative and artistic one. The number 7 is associated with the planet Neptune, the Mystic.  For some reason, Seven People are drawn to Numerology more than others, and have a great success at following its directions.

EIGHT:  8 is the number of Success! “Show me the money.” They are born with a strong, forceful nature, intended for worldly conquest. 8 is associated with the planet Saturn. This traditionally has not only influences of thrift and material success, but also adds a scholarly, inquisitive nature. Eight-people will, late in life, suddenly retire from the rat race and seek redemption in spiritual pursuits and helping other spiritually-minded people materially.

NINE:  9 is the number of Power! It’s the number of high energy, great courage and wide influence. Politics and leadership. Nine is associated with the planet Uranus, the Magician. Magic (when used by the Light) is defined as using your imagination and will-power to produce changes in consciousness. You must learn to trust your intuition. Explore.  Psychic flashes can guide you…

Fascinating stuff, eh?  Now you know why we always get our free numerology reading with every New Year.

So, what are Your Numbers?

Interested in finding the best Numerology Calculator for 2017?   What your chart reveals?  Want to know about your true self, your future path, your compatibility with others?




Updated for the new year of 2017.

How To Get Free Numerology Reading For This Year

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