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Go Green!

It’s been the youth of the world who have led the Go Green Environment movement.  Why not?  It’s them who will inherit this planet — if we are around to hand it over.

The Green movement is an essential elemement of 21st century human civilization.  After all — there will be a green Earth ten thousand years from now, filled with thriving wildlife on the land, in the air and in the sea.  The only question is: will Humankind still be here?

It’s critical that we older folks help the Go Green movement in the schools.

New Green System Featured at Big Ten Ambassador School, Michigan State University

MSU to test out Sports Art’s revolutionary Green System for purchase by schools in the Big Ten athletic conference.

Spartan sports stars at Michigan State University are testing out Sports Art Fitness’s self-generating exercise machines as part of a program to Go Green, by consuming less energy in the school recreation center.

The self-generating machines, also known as “The Green System”, are a “pod” of fitness products attached to an inverter that harnesses human-generated power from exercisers and feeds it back into the power grid as useable energy. MSU is the first university ambassador for this revolutionary program.

SportsArt Fitness is committed to leading the fitness industry in eco-friendly action through research, design and education on sustainable business solutions and practices. Their forward-thinking innovation provides an easy way for college campuses to go green in a time where sustainability programs are asking universities to reduce the garbage and pollution they produce, and to reduce the amount of energy they use.

Government environmental and energy-consumption rules now allow colleges to save money by conserving. Going green means changes in the way universities construct buildings, maintain grounds, and even teach courses.

Moreso than just environmental responsibility, a large number of universities are being motivated by a responsibility to current and future students who care about green initiatives. It’s often the students who push for more environment-friendly policies on their home campuses.

The benefits of campus sustainability could reach beyond the universities. Sports Art’s green systems have been installed in hotels and gyms as well – both major consumers of energy. Social media marketing company RoryMartin.com – who are spearheading the Green System campaign – are excited to pursue both environmental and educational incentives, citing the value in cutting energy costs on campuses.

Of the experience, owner, Rory Martin says, “Our company really values sustainability and the green effort. So we’re excited to be working with a company that’s focused on green initiatives, and bringing revolutionary new technology to schools that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.” 

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