Justin and Sophie Trudeau – Canada’s Fairy Tale Romance


Canada’s Fairy Tale Romance




Justin and Sophie Trudeau – A Cultural Conservative Looks At The New Hope They Bring To Canada


“Change happens because people come together.” – Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau

“Sophie is a phenomenal mother, a fearless partner, and a committed advocate for issues facing women and girls.  Sophie inspires me to be better, and to work harder, each and every day. I would not be here in front of you tonight without her leadership and her example.” – Justin Trudeau


We’ve seen them and been touched by them.  The “fairy tale romances.”

They’re fun to watch, even inspirational.  Couples dancing in the bright cameralight.  They last forever — some of them.  Some stagger and hurt under the public pressure.   We hurt with them, don’t we?

Yet we still celebrate the latest Romantic Couples.  Like Prince William and Kate.

And now in the Dominion of Canada we’re celebrating Justin and Sophie.  Justin and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.  With his election as Canada’s newest Prime Minister, Justin and his beloved wife step onto the world stage.

Some are calling it a return of Trudeaumania.

For us early Boomers from the True North, this brings back bright, colourful memories and feelings.

We remember Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

But he arrived in different times.  Better times for Canada, eh?  The Late Sixties.

Expo67.  We were a country wildly celebrating our 1967 Centennial and our youthful exuberance.  We were a nation with our own thriving Culture.  Singer-songwriters like Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Buffy Sainte-Marie, David Clayton-Thomas all sang our stories.  The Stampeders and the Guess Who rocked us.  Poets and writers like Leonard Cohen, Margaret Laurence, Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Pierre Berton, Farley Mowat inspired us.  A young Margaret Atwood was surfacing.

The CBC gave us all-Canadian radio and television programming, including the good ol’ hockey game on Saturday nights.  And laughter: Wayne & Shuster, Paul Kligman, Max Ferguson, Rich Little, Billy Van, David Steinberg, Gordie Tapp, Don Harron (aka Charlie Farquharson). [1]

Canadian publishers gave us new nationalistic publications and reprinted older ones, like (a personal fave) FORTY YEARS IN CANADA: Reminiscences of the Great North-West by Sam Steele of the Royal North-West Mounted Police — back then our Mounties were still central to our cultural identity. [2]

Outside forces stormed over our unprotected borders and entered our Northern psyche: the Cold War, Hollywood, the British Invasion (Beatles, Stones, Who), the Sexual Revolution, Women’s Lib, Vietnam, the Space Race, racial tensions, Rachel Carson…


Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Margaret

Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and wife Margaret

Into this stepped Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  Even though I’m conservative by nature, I voted for him in my first election.  So, in a later election, did my own Mary Lee, then a province away.

To us Boomers, the older Pierre seemed one of us.  He spoke of a Just Society, loved the heroic, stand-your-ground philosophy of Edmond Rostand and was something of a prankster.

A man for our New Times.

We elected him.  Celebrated his changes to our great Dominion.  Saw him marry Margaret Sinclair.  Watched his family of three sons grow.  Were troubled when his marriage with Margaret fell apart.

As Justin has since explained, “They loved each other incredibly, passionately, completely. But there was thirty years between them and my Mom never was an equal partner in what encompassed my father’s life, his duty, his country.”


And then the Sixties ended and the Seventies brought our October Crisis.

FLQ (a radical group with communist and PLO connections) terrorist attacks shocked Quebec.  Funded by brutal bank robberies and armed with stolen weapons and tons of dynamite, the FLQ began a reign of terror.

They bombed the Montreal Stock Exchange, injuring 27 men and women.  Casually dropped their bombs in Montreal mail boxes and in front of buildings, which exploded with withering regularity.  Killing Wilfred Vincent O’Neil, 65, a night watchman at an Army recruiting centre.  Killing Thérèse Morin, 64, a secretary at a shoe workshop.  Killing Jeanne d’Arc St.-Germaine, 42, a cleaning lady and single mother with two daughters.  Among others.  And badly wounding Sergeant-Major Walter “Rocky” Leja, a Canadian soldier trying to dismantle another bomb when it blew up in his hands.  A total of 95 bombs exploded in the city, including a CNR train station, City Hall, RCMP and Canadian Forces buildings.

Then came our Crise d’Octobre.  When the FLQ terrorists struck by kidnapping British diplomat James Cross and Quebec Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte (they released Cross and murdered Laporte with his crucifix chain), the conservative in me cheered when Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, calling out an unprepared military to protect Montreal from our first home-grown terrorists, who the police tracked down. [3]

Pierre steered Canada through good times and bad times.

And over the years we watched Justin grow up, travelling the wild Northcountry on foot or by canoe, working as a white-water rafting guide, a snowboarding instructor, sparring in the boxing ring — and becoming a teacher.


Justin Trudeau in our iconic Canadian Northcountry

Justin Trudeau in our iconic Canadian Northcountry


We saw him as he and his father mourned the death of Justin’s adventure-loving brother Michel.  As Justin wrote: “While I had been standing at a blackboard, an avalanche had swept my brother and one of his buddies into Kokanee Lake. They had been traversing the steep incline above the lake…”

And two years later, we watched him give that heartrending eulogy over the Canadian flag-draped coffin of his father at the state funeral, ending with a tearful “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. He has kept his promises and earned his sleep.  Je t’aime, Papa.” [4]

It was during that address in the Notre-Dame Basilica that Justin partially explained the roots of his old-fashioned gentlemanly Sunny Ways: “But at age 8, I was becoming politically aware. And I recognized (in a restaurant) one whom I knew to be one of my father’s chief rivals.  Thinking of pleasing my father, I told a joke about him. A generic, silly little grade school thing.  My father looked at me sternly, with that look I would learn to know so well.  And he said: ‘Justin, we never attack the individual. We can be in total disagreement with someone, without denigrating them as a consequence,’ and, saying that, he stood up, took me by the hand and brought me over to introduce me to this man.

“He was a nice man, who was eating there with his daughter…”

Justin made no apology for choosing to become a teacher instead of the expected role of a lawyer: “I’m a teacher.  I’m a convenor.  I’m a gatherer.  I’m someone who reaches out to people and is deeply interested in what they have to say…”

And then, of course, Justin met Sophie at a Montreal Grand Prix charity ball in 2003.  Sophie Grégoire was an arts and culture reporter for local media — brilliant, compassionate and honest about her concerns.  Like her personal struggle with bulimia and concern about gender equality.

In an interview with her friend Erica Diamond, Sophie described her feelings about Justin: “I had this weird feeling, like I was meant to be with him and didn’t know why. I told my Mom, and she laughed and said, ‘You and every other girl Sophie! You know how many girls think that?’

“One year later, I co-hosted a charity function, and Justin was coincidentally my co-host. When we met again, I reminded him that I knew his brother, Michel. There was definitely a physical and emotional connection. We flirted. But I sent him an email the next day, and he never replied.

“Three months later I bumped into him on the street.  He apologized that he never wrote back.  ‘Can I have your number?’ he asked.  ‘No,’ I replied.  I wanted him to work a little! Well, he found my number and called me.

“We then went for dinner and on our first date, our very first date, he looked into my eyes, and said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you 31 years.  You’re going to be my wife.  We’re going to have a family together.'” [5]

About motherhood, Sophie said, “Motherhood has taught me to be more connected to other human beings. All mothers everywhere, we are all responsible for each other. We’re not different, but rather more similar than you think– so if you’re fighting a battle alone, choose not to fight it alone.”

Perhaps her most popular quote is “The Sacred Feminine is on the rise.”

Sophie explained her passion for gender equality: “I hosted the UN Women’s Gala for gender equality and violence against women.  I think that we have developed a lack of respect for the womb of humanity.  We’re paying a high price for it — it’s created a huge imbalance.  There is still much violence towards women around the world.  It’s still happening too often in our society.  Many basic rights are still being taken away in parts of the world for one reason — because they are a woman.”

She has no doubt influenced Justin’s decision that his Cabinet will have equal numbers of men and women, a first in the British Commonwealth.

So is Justin’s election as Prime Minister the sign of Trudeaumania II?

Not really. [6]  These are different times.  Canada has just endured its Dark Decade.

We’ve watched as mean-spirited, lowlife forces have played havoc with our home and native land.  We’ve watched as international interests have ripped our economy, our culture, the very land that gave us birth — ripped it apart.  In the election just gone, we watched the worst in us emerge… [7]

But out of this came Justin Trudeau and his message of “Real Change” and “Sunny Ways”.

It’s encouraging to hear that, of the four major international summits coming up, the one he most wants to attend is the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.  After the total abandonment of our forests, land and waterways during the Dark Decade, Justin promises to pick up where Canada’s Greenest Prime Minister, Conservative Brian Mulroney, once took us. [8]

Canada is still a young wilderness nation.  Our stories, our culture, our national identity, come out of the Wild Places.

As Laureen Harper so perfectly said it: “Our country — the land we live in — is an important part of our identity as Canadians. Our outdoors is our history and its our future, its our workplace, our storehouse and our playground.  Because this land is so central to who we are as Canadians, it’s so precious and it must be protected.”

Justin is eager to speak up for our endangered living world and join other enlightened nations in its protection.

We’ll all see Justin and Sophie walk hand-in-hand on the world stage.

And smile with love and pride.

God give them the strength for the battles ahead.

We need them.

Brian Alan Burhoe



Sophie, Justin & Four of Canada’s Finest


==>> To See The Very Latest News & Daily Hot Pics of Justin and Sophie Trudeau, Follow Them On Twitter! CLICK HERE NOW: JUSTIN & SOPHIE 1 — Celebrating Canada’s Couple – Justin and Sophie Trudeau

Note: We didn’t create the @JustinSophie1 Twitter account as a political statement (although we all have personal issues: ours are the Environment, our Sacred Land and our Forgotten Veterans — we have expectations of the present government).

But we created that account as a Cultural Celebration.  There’s a new feeling of Sunshine and Renewal in Canada.  A feeling that it’s time to dream and create and tell our own stories again.  A time of inspiration.  There’s a joyful feeling that our own Canadian creativity will be accepted again — at home and away.  And best of all — there’s laughter in the wind again.  And it’s all because of Sophie and Justin.

[1] The PM Pierre Trudeau Era would soon see the rise of the All-Canadian Comic Cavalcade of such comedians as Roger Abbott, Dan Aykroyd, Dave Broadfoot, John Candy, Tommy Chong, Jayne Eastwood, Don Furguson, Luba Goy, Ron James, Eugene Levy, Mike MacDonald, Howie Mandel, Rick Moranis, John Morgan, Katherine O’Hara, Martin Short, Dave Thomas, Scott Thompson.  In downtown Toronto, Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club was rocking with laughter at the impressions, pratfalls, goofy jokes and boyish smiles of a young Jim Carrey…

[2] To get a sense of the exalted place our Mounted Police once had in Canadian Culture, see THE GREAT PULP FICTION MOUNTIES: From Corporal Cameron to Sergeant Preston


Officer holds slain RCMP Const. David Ross' dog Danny at the funeral procession for the three RCMP officers who were killed in the line of duty last week, at their regimental funeral at the Moncton Coliseum in Moncton, N.B. on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.

Slain RCMP Const. David Ross’ dog Danny at the funeral procession for the three RCMP officers killed in Moncton, NB.

[3] The October Crisis would remain our lone homegrown terrorist attack on Canadian soil for four decades, until June 4, 2014, when a gunman dressed in camouflage and armed with high powered guns shot five members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Three of the officers were killed: Constable David Joseph Ross, Constable Fabrice Georges Gevaudan and Constable Douglas James Larche.

The regimental funeral was broadcast live across Canada.  As the National Post wrote: “Dog handler Ross’ K9 partner, Danny, whimpered by the side of his partner’s casket during Tuesday’s emotional funeral, moving many Canadians across the country to tears.  Danny didn’t stray far from the hearse carrying the casket of Ross during the funeral procession and was photographed sniffing Ross’s stetson.”


[4] To see Justin’s complete eulogy for his father at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, see the Globe & Mail‘s archived transcript Je t’aime, Papa: Justin Trudeau’s eulogy to his father




[5] EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Erica Diamond Sits Down With Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau:  Interview with Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau

[6] Although with women tweeting things like “super hot good looks!” and “pmilf” — whatever that means — Trudeaumania could be building, this time internationally.

[7]  “We watched the worst in us emerge…”  You can read my personal rant on this at  Old Stock Canadian vs Newcomer: A Patriot’s View

[8]  Yes, Conservative.  It was former Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, referring to the “tremendous energy, enthusiasm and initiative of young people concerned about pollution,” who drove the official creation of Environment Week in Canada, observed each year in the first week of June.

And Brian Mulroney’s proactive environmental legislation and international treaties will be his greatest achievement.  Remember Chlorofluorocarbons?  Remember Acid Rain?  It’s the hard work and international treaties of Prime Minister Mulroney, President Ronald Reagan and President George H W Bush that began to get control of those deadly, destructive forces.  (And what thanks have they got?)

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien gave us hope when we signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, followed by three 2002 environmental laws, including the The Species at Risk Act which fulfilled promises made by Mr Mulroney at the 1992 Earth Summit.  And then Jean dropped the ball.  Paul and Stephen just kicked it around in the Dark Decade.  So Justin’s solemn promise to pick up where the man who earned the title of “Canada’s Greenest Prime Minister” — Brian Mulroney — left off must be kept!

It will be the entrepreneurial free enterprisers who will put in the hard work and reap the rewards of our new Green Economy.  For a look at these issues from a Conservative voice,  SEE  Global Climate Change Facts: COP21 Climate Change Conference Paris 2015


Justin and Sophie Trudeau – Canada’s Fairy Tale Romance

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Puppy Training: How to Train a Primo Puppy Dog


Puppy Training: How to Train a Primo Puppy Dog




We’re a three dog family (one after another, and not counting the dogs my wife grew up with as a girl).  Yukon King, Brandy and Mocha.

One, a part Lab, was an easy train.  The other two, a Husky mix and a German Shepherd, required more of our time.  So a big answer to the question “How can I train the best puppy?” is: “Depends on the breed.”

Labrador and Golden Retrievers are, on the whole, easier to train than a husky, bulldog or pit bull puppy.  That’s just the way it is.

Here from our fave trainer, New Zealander Dan Abdelnoor, affectionately known by his many fans as DOGGY DAN, is a Guest Blog HOW TO TRAIN A PRIMO PUPPY:

For years, I’ve been asked, “How do you raise the perfect dog?”  It’s what we all want but the question is — does the perfect dog exist?

Here’s my best advice.

Before you find yourself headed off to a local puppy school to see your canine being taught to do high-fives, roly-polies and the commando crawl, ask yourself this: Is this what my dream dog must do? Is a primo puppy basically a performing pony whom I coax out when company comes visiting so that they can say “Cool!  That’s amazing, mate.  What an intelligent dog. How did you train him to do THAT?”

The hard reality is that in so many circumstances the next thing the dog owner has to do is warn the visitors “Oh, don’t go near his food bowl when he’s eating.  Don’t pat him on the head.  Don’t let your kids go near his toys!”

Insane, isn’t it? We take so much time trying to teach commands such as Sit and Stay but never even think about the really critical stuff. And when we do it’s usually kind of late.

Why is this?  Because most canine trainers are just doing what everyone else is doing.  And that’s teaching the Sit, the Down and the Stay!

Yup. Just like sheep, everyone following each other and nobody asking WHY? Think about it: has a dog ever been put to sleep (yes, I am talking about euthanization) because they didn’t do a proper sit? Or because their down command was a kind of leisurely?

Or because they had an unsure Stay?

Of course not.  Who really cares about that stuff? Yet that’s what we all learn at puppy school! WHY?!

But…  Housebreaking?  Dogs instinctively know not to urinate and defecate in their own dens.  But this can quickly become a problem to inexperienced pet owners.  And few professional trainers tackle this number one problem.

Aggression? Oh Boy. Most dogs are put down for aggression, barking, growling, challenging and other bad behavior. Aggressive to children, owners, strangers – its all bad news. There’s nothing more dangerous than a rebellious dog, pulling you along on the leash, ignoring you when you let them off. Never mind the danger to themselves around moving vehicles and other animals.

Yet not many canine training classes are teaching you how to forestall all of this, because very few actually comprehend it themselves!

Most folk’s real idea of a perfect dog include all of the following five important behaviors:

  1. Calm around all other animals including dogs
  2. Friendly to all people, especially children
  3. Relaxed and obedient around the home
  4. Perfect at coming when called at the park
  5. Outstanding when walking on the leash in public

Hhmmm — I can hear you thinking — He’s got a point!




And be sure to read Brian Alan Burhoe’s popular online dog short story…

==>> A WILD WOLF, A HALF-WILD HUSKY, A WILY OLD TRAPPER!   If you want to read my free story in the Jack London & Walt Morey Tradition, Click Here to Read My Popular Online Northwestern WOLFBLOOD! 


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Old Stock Canadian vs Newcomer: A Patriot’s View


Old Stock Canadian vs Newcomer




A Patriot’s View


When Prime Minister Stephen Harper used the phrase “old stock Canadians” in the September 17th leaders debate, he sure stepped into it.

We knew what he meant by Old Stock — although he’s tried to publicly redefine the meaning since.

“Being of good stock” has been a European aristocratic phrase for a thousand years and more. “Bloodline” and “stock” are commonly used to express pride in your ancestry.  In Canada, Old Stock really refers to — as Stéphane Dion once commented — “middle-aged old stock French-Canadians or English-Canadians.”

When Stephen Harper blurted out those three little words, Old Stock Canadians, he set off a firestorm throughout the Dominion.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau responded with “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.”

First Nations Mi’kmaq Elder Stephen Augustine said on CBC Radio that he found the term “offensive and racist.” [1]

So, why am I writing this post?

Because on my Father’s side I’m Old Stock and proud of it.

The first Burhoe joined the British Army in 1776 and mustered out of the Royal Nova Scotia Volunteer Regiment in 1783 to build a farmstead and raise a family right here. [2]

During those seven years of military service, John Burhoe saw a seismic change in the political structure of the New World. From scattered British Colonies and independent First People’s nations — to a young expanding republic to the south and our newly formed British North America in the north. Already, of course, those who lived in British North America were calling our new settled lands “Canada” (a Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, word meaning “Home Village”) — and ourselves Canadians.

Following the rise of Manifest Destiny and the attempted Invasion of 1812, Canada became a true nation onto itself. Chief Tecumseh led his warriors in staunch defence of the fledgling Canada. John A MacDonald fought hard to create a brand spanking new nation — our Dominion.

And when lawlessness and trading company forts flying foreign flags threatened our western frontier and the very survival of our new Confederation, Prime Minister MacDonald created the legendary North-West Mounted Police — the story of our Mounties becoming our National Epic, giving us some of our greatest heroes. [3]

When Prime Minister John Diefenbaker gave his 1960 “Dominion Day Speech” introducing his magnificent Canadian Bill of Rights, he proudly referred to “the two great basic races” that came together to create Canada.  Although he didn’t quite mean it that way, I always took the Two Races to be the First Nations and the Northern European settlers, especially French and English.  In that stirring address to the nation, he pledged that his Bill of Rights would “give to Canadians the realization that wherever a Canadian may live, whatever his race, his religion or his colour, the Parliament of Canada will be jealous of his rights and will not infringe upon those rights.”  [4]

As I’ve written elsewhere, Dad served in the Algonquin Regiment during World War II — and told me of his friendship and respect for the Northern Cree he served with in the Regiment. As I’ve said, “Out of those yarns, I developed an image of Native and English Canadians, not antagonists, but standing side by side, with the word CANADA on both their shoulders. Fighting our common enemies and building our uncommon nation.” [5]

I’ve always believed that this great nation was built by all of us. Side by side.

And I’m proud of our heritage, and the part my family has played in it.

Which makes me Old Stock, eh?

Well, yes.

Except for this: January 7, 1946.  Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia.   With 300 other British war brides, my mother disembarked from the “Reunion Ship” Stavangerfjord.  After being fed a hot meal by the Red Cross, she said a tearful farewell to other war brides she had befriended and got on a steam train for Saint John, where she was reunited with my father.  Making me, on my mother’s side, an immigrant’s son.

Mum tried to fit in to her new homeland. After five years she grew homesick, and we boarded a big ocean liner bound for England. I lived in Yorkshire from ages 4 to 8 — formative years, for sure.

When we returned to Canada, I considered myself a true Canadian kid returning to my Home and Native Land — a land that was green and alive with wildlife and just as I remembered it.

But by then I spoke like a Yok-shah tyke (if you’ve watched Coronation Street or listened to the Beatles speak, ‘appen you know summat of the Northern English voice, Luv) and quickly learned what it was like to be treated like a stranger from an alien land.  A Newcomer.  An Outsider.

In a sense, I’ve been one ever since.

But I’ve lived here and thrived here and played my part in building our nation. And fallen in love with and married a gal who is part Mi’kmaq and proud of it. And we had children who don’t hide their pride in being Canadian.

We welcome and accept everyone here — everyone who’s willing to contribute to our ever evolving Home Village.

We’re all from the same stock.

– Brian Alan Burhoe


[1] Stephen Augustine, who is Hereditary Chief of the Sigenigtog District Mi’kmawey Mawiomi and Keptin on the Mi’kmaq Grand Council, went on to say, “We have a long tradition of opening our doors and sharing our food and resources to people who are in need. We’ve always done that.  I’m talking about John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain.  All these people arrived here and the Mi’kmaq opened their arms and welcomed them and said ‘you are our brothers.'”

Ron Tremblay, a member of the Wolastoq Grand Council and Wolastoq First Nation, added to the conversation: “The Wolastoqeyiyik signed Peace and Friendship Treaties in the 17th Century with the first Refugees who sailed from France (becoming the Acadian settlers).  They were searching for a better place to live and escape the uneasiness that was evolving in their country.”

[2] To see more of our family history, go to The Life & Works of Brian Alan Burhoe

[3] To get a sense of our Mounted Police in Canadian Culture, see THE GREAT PULP FICTION MOUNTIES: From Corporal Cameron to Sergeant Preston

[4] Conservative John Diefenbaker remains my favourite Prime Minister — even though Brian Mulroney has been justly called “Canada’s Greenest Prime Minister”, a true badge of honour.  We sure could use a Green PM now.

But Dief — he had that fierce belief in individual rights that I, only age 10 or 11, immediately responded to.  And he gave the First Nations the vote.  Popularized the Northern Vision.  Gave powerful speeches that captured even a young boy’s attention.  “I was criticized for being too much concerned with average Canadians. I can’t help that — I’m one of them!”  “As long as there’s a drop of blood in my body they won’t stop me from talking about freedom.”

Dief’s “Dominion Day” address, given on June 30th, 1960, remains one of our great speeches and should be taught in Canadian schools. To read it, go to  www.CollectionsCanada.gc.ca/primeministers/h4-4052-e.html

[5] To read more, see OUT OF MY FATHER’S SHAVING BOX: Dad’s War, Algonquin Regiment & Liberation of Holland


Old Stock Canadian vs Newcomer: A Patriot’s View



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Names for Bear: Baby Bear and Teddy Names


Names for Bear: Baby Bear & Teddy Names




“It must be pretty scary having a bear as a pet! But! Why not? If there are any bear keepers on here, make sure you keep them well away! :)” – Pet Name Zone, www.PetNameZone.com

Winnie the Pooh is perhaps the most well known of all bear names.

On a sunny day in the early 1920’s, author A A Milne and his son Christopher Robin were strolling through the London Zoo. Young Christopher spotted a Canadian black bear, “Oh look, Father. I like him.” The name plaque identified the black bear as Winnie.

The bear had been left by a Canadian soldier on his way to the fierce French battlefields in World War I. The tame bear had been the regimental mascot of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment, out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was named “Winnie” after the city of Winnipeg.

Christopher Robin loved the bear and loved its name, calling his new teddy bear Winnie the Pooh. In 1924, Milne released his first book telling the adventures of his son and his cuddly yellow bear dressed in a red shirt: WINNIE-THE-POOH.

Another famous name is Yogi Bear made popular by the Hanna-Barbera cartoons of this mischievous bear and his pal Boo Boo in Jellystone National Park. And then there are the Berenstain Bears: Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister Bear.

Pet Bear Names? Very few people keep bears as pets, at least not full-grown adult bears.

There was a time when circuses raised and trained bears for performance – but the Animal Rights movement has all but ended this practice, which most often involved inhuman treatment.

Hollywood has seen a number of trained bears, who were kept by their trainers as pets and given loving homes. Bruno was an orphaned black bear who would play the role of TV’s GENTLE BEN. Bozo was a rescued circus bear, a loving and gentle female grizzly bear who played next to trainer/actor Dan Haggerty in THE ADVENTURES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS. Today, perhaps the most famous televised bruin is Brutus, who lives with naturalist Casey Anderson.



Since so few of us keep a bear as a pet, it’s unlikely that you’ll need any help in naming your pet bear.

Zoos and other organizations that do need to name new bruin cubs often hold a competition in which they ask children to send in suggested names and they choose one of these names through a random selection.

And, of course, there is a problem many families face: naming a new Teddy Bear.

So, what are great baby bear names?

Some of the popular names for bears housed in zoos are:

  • Ardal
  • Arthur
  • Bernard
  • Bernal
  • Gregory
  • Maximilian
  • Oberon
  • Osborn
  • Yosemite

These are all names that reflect the strength and might of a bear. Popular names for female bears in zoos are:

  • Avla
  • Bernadette
  • Calesta
  • Jerica
  • Orsa
  • Ursula
  • Nadette

As mentioned, for the most part, people choose a bear name for their teddy bear or stuffed plush bear.

They usually try to choose a name that has some significance for them such as a name surrounding the occasion on which they received it.

A white stuffed teddy bear that was a Christmas gift could aptly be named White Christmas, Christmas or Noel. Birthday Bear would be a suitable name for a teddy bear you received as a birthday gift. Some try to choose a name that has a close connection to the color of the bear, which as Whitey, Blackie, or Brownie.

Making their own bear is now a popular activity for children. In this activity Children and adults choose the color and material for their own bear and create it themselves, right down to the outfits. They also choose a name for their bear at the same time, which could be basically any name you can think of.

Since a bear is perceived to be a cuddly creature, many of the names have to do with this feeling. Cuddles and Pookie are examples. However, if you want to choose a name that has a specific meaning, you can browse a list of names and their meanings:

Male Names: –

  • Asbjorn – Swedish name meaning divine bear
  • Avonaco – a native American name meaning lean bear
  • Benat – Basque form of Bernard, which means bold as a bear
  • Osbourne – meaning god-bear
  • Nanook – an Inuit name for the polar bear
  • Edon – meaning rich bear cub
  • Orson – meaning bear cub

Female Names:

  • Berengari – meaning bear-spear
  • Orsola – meaning little she bear
  • Bernadita – meaning bold as a bear
  • Giju’muin – native Mi’kmaq, meaning mother bear

There are quite a number of names that mean “little she bear”, which would be the perfect name for a small teddy bear. By choosing one of these unusual names, it is very likely that when someone hears the name they will want to know the story behind it.

– Tong Lin. For lots of great bear names, dolphin names and frog names visit www.PetNameZone.com

Brian Alan Burhoe.  Learn more about popular bears in Fact and Fiction at ZERO COOL BEARS – ALL THINGS BRUIN


Keywords: Cute Bear Names, Girl Bear Names, Teddy Bear Names, The Berenstain Bears Books, Episodes, Bernstein Bears, Berenstein Conspiracy, Polar Bear

Names for Bear: Baby Bear and Teddy Names



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The Ant and the Wise Ol’ Bear: A Civilized Bears Cub Tale


The Ant and the Wise Ol’ Bear



A Civilized Bears Cub Tale



You ask, little cub, about what lies beyond this world.  Let me tell you a story…

An Ant was climbing up the rough bark of a big maple tree when he saw a renowned Wise Ol’ Bear shuffle up to the base of the tree and sit down on the leafy green ground, leaning with a big sigh against the trunk.

Knowing of the bear’s great knowledge, the Ant spoke up with his loudest voice: “Please excuse me!  I’m wondering — what lies on the Other Side?”

And the ol’ bear puffed himself up and explained all that was known about such things by Civilized Bearkind and recorded by Humans who had once been here before us.  The Ol’ Bear spoke of ghosts and woodspirits and seasons and moons and planets and suns and galaxies and how the universe will someday die out like the last sparking embers of a burned out fire log.

When he was done, the Ant shook his little head in confusion and said, “I just wanted to know what’s on the other side of the tree.”


A Civilized Bears Animal Story by
Brian Alan Burhoe

The story “The Ant and the Wise Ol’ Bear” is copyright © by Brian Alan Burhoe

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Famous Bears in Fact & Fiction – From Gentle Ben to Brutus Bear


Famous Bears in Fact & Fiction





As I said in my posting “Bears in Literature” — bears have appeared in our folk tales since we first told stories.  Especially in Northern cultures, where the bear was seen as a fierce and noble animal.  Literally, in Northern Europe, the original “King of Beasts.”

Some cultures, especially First Nations and Northern European, believed that Bear was Humankind’s closest blood relative.  Many chieftains and war leaders in old Nordic, Celtic, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon clans claimed to have Bear blood in their ancestry.

Famous fictional bears include Rudyard Kipling ‘s Baloo, A A Milne’s Winnie-the Poo, Michael Bond’s Paddington, Walt Morey’s Gentle Ben, as well as favourites Yogi and Boo Boo. [1]

Famous Bears in Fact

From ferocious and dangerous attackers — to loving and carefree friends — real life bears have appeared in Hollywood productions since the first silent movies.  Most famously in Canada, movies like Nell Shipman’s silver screen classic of 1924, Trail of the Northwind, filmed with animals from Nell’s own wildlife rescue sanctuary, included Brownie, a brown bear she had raised from a cub.

Here are a few of the most famous real-life bears:

1. Bruno, aka Ben.  Bruno, along with his brother Smoky, was rescued as an orphaned black bear and appeared in a number of Ivan Tors features, including Zebra in the Kitchen and Daktari.

Bruno’s career blossomed when he was cast as the title character in the televised version of Walt Morey’s novel GENTLE BEN.  Author Morey was raised in the Pacific Northwest and set his novels in the cold Northcountry of Alaska and Canada, including his best selling KAVIC THE WOLF DOG.

When Tors adapted GENTLE BEN for the screen, he changed the locale from Alaska to the Florida Everglades, where the producer had a wildlife sanctuary.

Bruno quickly learned to respond to the name “Ben.”  And probably became the most famous bear of them all.

Ricou Browning, who directed many episodes, explained, “Ben was a big puppy dog.  He wasn’t well-trained; he was just tame.  We had other black bears, some trained better than him, that we used as doubles and backups, and also for stunts and tricks.  Gentle Ben’s main capacity in the show was to work with the boy (Clint Howard) and to be friendly and nice.” [3]

Dennis Weaver, by the way, who portrayed the boy’s father, Park ranger Tom Wedloe, used to love to play and roughhouse with the bear Ben between takes.  Weaver would go on to become a noted vegetarian, environmentalist and animal rights activist.


2. Bozo, aka Ben.  Bozo was a female grizzly bear.  She was found working in a travelling circus.  Nothing was known about her cubhood, though animal trainer Dan Haggerty believed that because of “her amazing affection for humans” she had been raised as a pet and then sold to the circus when she got bigger.

When the TV series The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams was cast, Haggerty was picked as both the bear’s trainer (the bear was supposed to be a male named Ben) and as the actor portraying the title character, Grizzly Adams, an outlawed mountain man living in the American wilderness.

The series only lasted one season but has become a beloved classic.  As Dan Haggerty said, “I think the response to Grizzly Adams shows something very important.  I think it shows that people like blue skies and animals and simple things that are clean and honest.”


3. Brutus the Bear.  Brutus was only a newborn grizzly cub when wildlife enthusiast Casey Anderson found him in an animal preserve.   The grizzly would eventually grow to become a 800 pound adult — and a friend.

As Anderson explains, grizzlies raised in captivity can’t be released back into the wilderness.  For one thing, it takes a grizzly mama a full two years to teach a cub the necessities of hunting and surviving in the wild — without its mother to protect and teach it, the cub will lose its life.  And bears raised around humans become too trusting of Humankind — not a good survival trait in Hunting Season.

So Anderson raised the cub himself.  He built the Montana Grizzly Encounter, an animal rescue sanctuary, where Brutus can live.  And has shown him on TV on programs like National Geographic’s Expedition Wild.

“There is nothing special about me,” says Anderson.  “But Brutus is an exceptional grizzly bear, who just happens to have me as his pet.  In the beginning there was a lot of roaring, with me lying on top of Brutus, as we rolled around on the ground and I growled in his ear and called him a bad boy.  We understand each other now, with the result that we exchange a lot of high fives and I frequently call him a good boy.” [4]

Brutus was Anderson’s Best Man when the naturalist filmmaker married actress Missi Pyle.


4. Blaze the Mama Grizzly.  On the very day I’m writing this, the popular Yellowstone Park mother Grizzly Bear Blaze is making news — and it’s bad news.  Park workers have hunted down and captured Blaze Bear.   A human hiker has apparently been killed by a bear.  It’s reported that he accidentally stumbled upon the sleeping mama and her cubs.  If it’s determined that the attacking animal was Blaze, she will be slaughtered.  No news yet what they will do with her cubs.

There’s online action, including Twitter, saying “DO NOT KILL BLAZE!”




The National Park Service is reported as saying that “the mother bear has been trapped, but not the cubs who they can hear calling for their mother from the surrounding forest. The park service has said the bears will be killed if DNA testing matches them to the evidence around the hiker’s body.”

It’s also reported that the poor hiker wasn’t carrying bear spray.  When I was a much younger man, neither did I.  The recklessness of youth.  But knowing what I do now — and loving bears as I do — I now carry bear spray when in the woods…


A sad day — one battle lost, but the long struggle to save all living creatures we share our Sacred Earth with must never end.


lone-wolf-storyDo You Love Animal Stories?




WOLFBLOOD, a Northwestern yarn in the Jack London Tradition, Free to Read ==> CLICK HERE  WOLFBLOOD: A Wild Wolf, A Half-Wild Husky & A Wily Old Trapper


– Brian Alan Burhoe


[1] To see my complete posting BEARS IN LITERATURE, CLICK HERE NOW!

[2] To learn more about Nell Shipman and her popular Wilderness & Wildlife movies,  as well as other WOMEN PIONEERS OF ANIMAL RIGHTS,  CLICK HERE NOW!

[3] From THE GREAT SHOW BUSINESS ANIMALS by David Rothel, published 1980, A S Barnes & Company, California

[4] Casey Anderson, THE STORY OF BRUTUS: My Life With Brutus The Bear And The Grizzlies Of North America, published 2010, Pegasus Books, New York


Famous Bears in Fact & Fiction – From Gentle Ben to Brutus Bear


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Are Wolfdogs Legal? Wolfdog Facts & Fiction


Are Wolfdogs Legal? Wolfdog Facts & Fiction


Heart-of-King-Dog-George Marsh


As I wrote in my popular article DOG INTELLIGENCE – THE TOP 10 MOST INTELLIGENT DOG BREEDS, cross-bred husky/wolf hybrids were once common in the Canadian Northcountry.

My short story WOLFBLOOD deals with this theme (and readers keep asking me, “What happens to the wolf dog puppies?”).

I described how First Nations people deliberately interbred their sled dogs with gray wolves. The result was a big intelligent animal adapted to the wild country. As mechanized transport was introduced to the North, the need for working sled dogs decreased…


When French and English explorers first arrived in the savage Northcountry of Canada and Alaska, the natives would commonly warn them to “Watch out for the dogs!”

Those wolfdogs were big, fierce and dangerous. Most were kept outdoors, although gentler “less wolfish” puppies were sometimes allowed indoors with families.

The outside world heard about these mixed breeds mostly from the popular fiction of adventurous writers who knew the country. Their books became best sellers. Books like WHITE FANG by Jack London. KAZAN THE WOLF DOG by James Oliver Curwood. And SILVER CHIEF: DOG OF THE NORTH by Jack O’Brien.  Although they were writing fiction, these authors knew their subjects well.  They had traveled the Northlands.

Jack O’Brien, for instance, was described by his publisher as “one of those soldiers of fortune to whom adventure and danger are the spice of life.” As Chief Surveyor for Admiral Byrd’s first Antarctic Expedition of 1928-1930, O’Brien was in charge of the dog teams taken along on that historic trip. He drove huskies on prospecting ventures into Northern Canada and worked so often with the big sled dogs that “he came to know them as few men do.”

The last interbred wolfdogs to be used as working dogs were from the Ungava area of the Canadian Northwest Territories. American writer and explorer George Marsh wrote about these last wolfdogs, the Ungava huskies, in novels such as FLASH THE LEAD DOG and THE HEART OF THE KING-DOG.

With the advent of snowmobiles and other gas-driven machines, sled dogs were mostly abandoned as working animals.

Competitive racing became the rage of the age, growing in popularity. Thus began a deliberate breeding of modern huskies and malamutes for speed. Crossbreeding northern dogs with southern racing breeds. The result is a much smaller animal. The huskies you see in present day movies and videos are much smaller and sleeker than the old wolfdogs of a hundred years ago.

Are wolfdogs legal? Yes and no.  In most countries, there’s no law against interbreeding canine species.  Owning them may be a problem.  Many cities, because of population numbers, tend to have more proactive pet bylaws than rural areas with their open countryside.

In the US, Alaska has no wolf/dog hybrid breeding laws.  Probably because Alaska (along with the Canadian Yukon and Northwest Territories) have that cultural history of such interbreeding.   It’s interesting to note that cat crossbreeding is illegal in Alaska — owning a kitten from mating a domestic cat with any species of wild cat is illegal.

In Missouri, you must have a permit to confine a hybrid wolf.   Texas laws vary county by county.

In Canada, owning a pure wolf is illegal.  But not wolf hybrids.

In other words, check with your local Lands & Forests.  Or veterinarian.

In North America, such animals are often the result of happenstance. A rural female pet who meets a bachelor wolf, usually without the pet owner’s knowledge – until the puppies appear.

Although there are a number of independent American and Canadian breeders advertising and selling wolfdog puppies.   Like Wolves USA, who say, “My wolfdogs are my greatest passion – words can’t express the majesty and intelligence these animals exude, they are grace beyond description.  When I have secured the right kind of homes for the pups, my wolfdogs have litters once a year in Spring. Their bloodlines contain Canada Blackphase Wolf,  Alaskan Tundra, Alaskan Interior, Arctic Wolves and Canadian Gray.”

In Europe, however, there have been a number of attempts to create a recognized standard wolfdog breed. Like the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. And the European, or Dutch wolfdog.

The most successful results came from Dutch breeder Leendert Saarloos. In the 1920’s, Saarloos (believing that radical breeding had genetically weakened the modern domestic dog, creating sickly and inferior animals) decided to take Canis familiaris back to its ancestral roots, Canis lupus.

“Saarloos began the creation of the European Wolfdog by crossing a German Shepherd Dog called Gerard with a female wolf called Fleur. That pairing between GSD and wolf produced a total of twenty wolf-dog hybrids over time. He then crossed those half-wolves back with their father the German Shepherd Dog Gerard producing a new stock of hybrids that were just quarter wolf,” explains dog breeding expert and writer “Kayye Nynne” [1] who goes on to say:

“His quarter wolf-dog mix canines were extremely shy and wary of people, an undesirable trait that 12,000 years of domestication had apparently relieved the domestic dog of. Wild wolves are notoriously shy and wary of Humans and generally avoid people as much as possible. Furthermore his Saarloos Wolfhounds were little disposed to the usual methods of training and overall made for second rate work dogs. The Wolfdogs were also lousy guard dogs because they just plain refused to attack and made for equally bad watchdogs because just like the wolf, barking simply was not their thing.”

As our friend Kayye concludes: “In the end, what it really boiled down to was that the Saarloos Wolfdog had inherited a tad too much of the wolf gene. Wolves are highly intelligent animals that are very adept at escaping confinement within man-made enclosures, something that the average domestic dog is not.

“It’s in fact now believed that wild canids learn through insight whereas the domestic dog learns by rote and repetition. Yet people tend to think of dogs that do their bidding willingly and eagerly as intelligent and those that don’t as dumb.”

Despite these difficulties, the Saarloos Wolfdog (known as the Saarlooswolfhond in Holland) has been recognized as a true breed.

Are wolfdogs legal?  In most localities, yes.

But if you answer a “Wolfdog For Sale” ad, you should be aware of a couple things.  One, wolfdog hybrid experts are saying things like “75% of all claimed wolf dogs are actually just dogs.”  Second, you might find that you’ve got an animal not quite suited to your own expectations or lifestyle. A wolf IS a wild animal. And they like it that way.  Hybrid wolf-dogs can be the same.

We may like the whole concept of adopting a captive-bred wolf, a wolfdog or other exotic hybrid.  And many folks rise to the challenge and provide a loving home for them.  But other folks find they’ve just got “too much dog” on their hands and abandon their canine charge.  Unless they can find a proper rescue group to take over the homing of the suddenly unwanted animal — such as Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary of New Mexico or the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary of Alberta, Canada — the end result can be tragic.

“Tread carefully when you follow the Wolf Trail.”
Brian Alan Burhoe


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WOLFBLOOD, a Northwestern yarn in the Jack London Tradition, FREE TO READ ==> CLICK HERE  WOLFBLOOD: A Wild Wolf, A Half-Wild Husky & A Wily Old Trapper



[1] Kayye Nynne is the author of a number of canine-related eBooks, including “The Single Biggest Mistake People Make When Choosing A Puppy.”  His books can be found on iTunes, ChaptersIndigo, Amazon and Smashwords.

Are Wolfdogs Legal? Wolfdog Facts & Fiction Keywords: animal rights, are wolfdogs legal, Jack London Tradition, ungava huskies, wolf dog, wolfdogs, wolfdogs for sale, wolves



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What is Alexa Page Rank Check? How to Increase Alexa Rank






“Content is King!”

That was Rule #1 just a few years ago.

When I first began searching for Freelance Writing jobs (thanks to RealWritingJobs.com!) I found that many new websites were in desperate need of “factual, original, well-written articles to give on-topic content for these websites.”  The reason, of course, was that the Search Engines rewarded Original Content by putting those websites higher in their Search Results.

So I found plenty of writing assignments: writing keyword-rich and info-packed articles (always called “content”) for new companies wanting to quickly build an online presence  (and hence profit) for their websites.

But even at that time, the Shift had begun.  There was more demand for content for the new or revamped online magazines and information providers like eHow and Ask.com and less for smaller websites.  Luckily, I was accepted by Demand Media Studios and sold more articles through them — much shorter than previous efforts, but paying well for the time required to research and write them.  Still writing for money.

The Shift continued.  Suddenly the idea that Content is King was panned.  Now it was all about Social Media.  Get a highly perceived position on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc — and you would generate traffic to your sales pages.  For a while, Freelance writers were finding fewer assignments.  “Not needed anymore!”

But now, top SEO people are saying “Content is King Again!”  From responding to ongoing changes in Search Engine algorithms to Google’s anticipated “Mobilegeddon” — Search Engine Optimization is hot again.

Google Ranking is back!  And so is Alexa Ranking.  In fact, many of the newest webpages to rise up from the crowded bottomlands and pull in traffic and followers are using Alexa as a major tool on their work benches.

What’s going on with Alexa?

Here are the basic facts:






Here, from SEO writer Doherty Martin, is a Guest Blog giving us a comprehensive answer to that question, explaining why these Ol’ Bears have taken his advice (at no cost at all):


How to Increase Alexa Rank

Now owned by Amazon.com and tied directly to Google, Alexa is back!

1. Why are Alexa and their Ranking important?

Alexa Ranking helps to quantify the popularity of a blog or website and to assess its value in dollars. In addition to indicating its popularity, your website or blog’s Alexa Ranking can also let you find out how much money you can earn through Make Money Online programs such as ReviewMe, Text Link Ads and others that use it to evaluate your ad strength. In summary, if your aim is to profit online, your aim should be to focus on better Alexa Rank for your blog or website.

Alexa pays attention to the traffic that a site receives, rather than its incoming links. Thus, this might be a good strategy for websites that usually have a heavy flow of targeted traffic that brings business. If the goal is to monetize your website, then improving your Alexa Ranking could probably be the way to go.

The lower your Alexa ranking the better for your website. The common belief is that if you feature in the top 100,000, this is a clear indication that your site experiences substantial visitors.

Webmasters and advertisers understand your website’s capacity to generate revenue through your Alexa ranking. It can decide how much advertisers will be ready to pay for space on your website. The lower your Alexa ranking the higher the bid.
The procedure for blogs and personal web pages is the same as the one used for websites. Blogs and personal pages are awarded a “*” mark to distinguish them.

As it is considered one of the main indicators of your website’s success in terms of making money, you must make it part of your search engine optimization strategy.

Why do webmasters need enhancement?

A better Alexa Rank, as in lower rank, can bring a website several valuable benefits. The important ones are:

* Better Site Image
If an e-commerce business website does not have a good Alexa rank, it reflects on its credibility, negatively affecting sales and profits.

* Attracting Advertisers
It is a useful method for prospective advertisers to decide where they want to advertise. Advertisers prefer to place ads on sites that have an Alexa Rank under 100,000, the lower the better. Your website may not attract any advertisers if its Alexa Rank were not known.

* Enhanced Earnings Through Advertisements
If your website sees heavy traffic, the ads you feature will obviously earn you more money. Thus, the lower you rank on Alexa, the more you would earn through the ads on your site.

* Attracting Investors
A lower Alexa Rank for your website makes it easier for you to attract investors or raise funds. Your site would also be worth more.

2. What kind of sites needs high Alexa Ranking?
Here are the types of websites that should work on high Alexa ranking:

* Online businesses
* Businesses that want to have a better conversion rate
* Businesses that want to make more money from advertisers
* Businesses whose goal is to raise funds or bring in investors

3. How can a site increase its Alexa Ranking?
To being the process of raising your Alexa traffic ranking, here is what you do:

a. download and install the Alexa toolbar
b. Browse your site
c. Get in touch with YourAlexaRanking for guidance

Not all website owners and webmasters are SEO gurus or have the expertise to know everything about achieving the ideal Alexa ranking. Some websites do not see adequate traffic or even know website owners who are already using the Alexa Toolbar on their sites. Promoting your website through blogs or articles to drive traffic can be a tedious affair. The other option is to hire an agency to manage forum posts, or buy banners and advertisements. This could turn out to be quite expensive.

However, we present you with a hassle-free and low-budget method to resolve this issue. One does not need client websites to achieve this. We can use this method effectively to help you reach your target rank even if your website is new and yet to be ranked. All you have to do is give us your URL.

4. What should a new site do to increase its Alexa Ranking?
To begin with, go to download.alexa and download the Alexa Toolbar to increase your website’s Alexa rank. Once you do this, your next step is to surf your website on a regular basis.

After you download the Alexa Toolbar, you will be able to view your site’s Alexa Rank on the Alexa Toolbar. In case you don’t yet have it, this toolbar will show the message “No Data”. However, you don’t have to be concerned about this, since in just two days you will be able to see an Alexa Rank result for your website.

Get in touch with YourAlexaRanking for further steps. The concept of it and how to increase it is not something everyone is familiar with. Also, not everyone is an SEO expert. It is not uncommon to find that many website visitors or clients do not have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their own sites. Moreover, trying to drive traffic to your site through blog post promotion and article writing can be quite a lengthy process.

Forum posting costs money, and so does purchasing banners and advertisements on other sites. But you need not worry about all this or spending a lot of money. We have designed an effective and simple method that is ideal for those on a tight budget. You do not need client websites. We will help you reach your target rank for any type of site, including a new website that is yet to be ranked. To get started, just give us your URL.

5. What are some of the top strategies for quickly increasing your Alexa Ranking?

i. Start by downloading and installing the Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Then, in your browser options, select your website and set it as your homepage so that each time you start up your browser, your site appears as the home page. Since Alexa awards one hit for each unique IP address, you do not have to repeatedly keep going back to your blog. If you use Firefox as your browser, download and install SearchStatus which is the Alexa Ranking extension for Mozilla and Firefox.

Apart from its primary function of showing you the Alexa Rank of a site, an additional feature of the Alexa Toolbar is a pop up blocker. It also lets you view more information about the website you browse and this includes contact information, a search bar and related links.

ii. The Alexa Redirect is a search engine friendly feature that gives the search engines permanent redirect. This means that while going to your blog’s home page, it also does an Alexa redirect, resulting in Alexa recording it as a hit, increasing your Alexa Rank regardless of whether your visitors also have the Alexa Toolbar on their browser.

iii. As mentioned earlier, content rules and your focus should be on writing quality content frequently. Users love information they can use and so do the search engines. When you post valuable information, your visitors will want to link to it and this will drive traffic to your website. Chances are, the visitors who arrive on your site also have the Alexa toolbar installed and this is an added bonus. Sites that refresh their content regularly are also ranked higher by the search engines.

In addition to the above, you are likely to be submitted to popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. resulting in even more traffic. During the time Digg ranked higher than Slashdot, a number of “Diggers” installed the Alexa Toolbar and they probably continue to use it. With it, the equation is an easy one. When you post quality content frequently, you get more visitors and thereby boost Alexa ranking.

Iv. Popularize Your Url
It is a fact that web 2.0 is the new internet. Therefore, browse forums in your niche and related niches and sign up. Post comments, participate meaningfully in the conversations and ensure that you include your website URL each time. Take care to post your URL through the Alexa Redirect described in the previous tip.

V. Consider Using Professional Alexa Services
To improve it quickly, you can also used specialist services from YourAlexaRanking.com for a simple and cost-effective way to resolve issues. This does not require client websites.

Even the age of your website or rank do not matter. All you need to do is provide your website’s URL to start seeing results.

6. What is the biggest problem site-owners face when trying to increase their Alexa Ranking?

Perhaps the most difficult obstacle faced by website owners when they work to increase it is when their website traffic does not proportionately increase. A related issue arises when traffic increases, but it does not change.

7. What should they do to avoid or overcome that problem?
If you are worried about how to master the Alexa system on your own, relax. We have invested valuable time to develop the experience and expertise to improve it so that we can help you accomplish it you are aiming for. We make sure that we are always up to date with the current trends in Alexa algorithms and our solutions are never outdated.
We stay abreast of the latest developments in Alexa algorithms. Right now, the Alexa algorithm has introduced parameters such as Keywords, Clickstream, etc. and because of this, it is not enough to just drive more website traffic in the hope of increasing Alexa rank.

However, we have customized solutions to help you improve Alexa rank. Our services come with a performance guarantee, backed by several man hours of research and hard work to save your precious time and money so that you can enjoy better return on investment.

8. What is the most difficult part of increasing the Alexa Ranking of a brand new site?
For a website that has just been launched, the main concern is to attract a lot of traffic and achieve an Alexa number, so that it can rapidly improve Alexa ranking.

9. What can site-owners do to overcome this difficulty?
The most effective solution to speeding up your Alexa Ranking is to download and install the Alexa Toolbar. This works on Internet Explores. If you use Firefox or Mozilla, download and install SearchStatus which is the Alexa Ranking extension for these browsers. Then get in touch with YourAlexaRanking to take it up from there.
Obviously everyone cannot be familiar with the Alexa Ranking process and how to improve it. It is not easy to become an SEO guru either. It is also possible that you do not have adequate friends and visitors who have installed the Alexa Toolbar on their browser.

Posting blogs and articles to promote your site and attract traffic could be tiresome. If you are thinking of outsourcing forum posting or purchasing banners and ads, that could mean a big investment. But do not worry about all that because we have a tried and tested simple method that is also cost-effective to help you achieve the Alexa Ranking you want.
10. What is the most difficult part of increasing the Alexa Ranking of sites higher than 100,000?

Website owners and webmaster worry about how to boost Alexa Rank when the inflow of traffic is not adequate. Sometimes, when the number of visitors increases, Alexa Ranking continues to be stagnant and this is a cause for worry.

11. What can site-owners do to overcome this difficulty?
That is the easy part. Winning this challenge does not involve investing time or effort on your part to master the Alexa Ranking techniques. Instead, you can rely on our extensive experience and expertise backed by the latest knowledge to help you boost Alexa Rank and achieve the rank you target. Recently, Alexa algorithms have begun to include factors like Keywords, Clickstream, etc. that require more than an increase in traffic to increase Alexa Rank. But you can rely on us to ensure that you improve Alexa rank for your site with our quality services backed by a performance guarantee that will save you time and money and give you the best return on your investment.

12. How should a site-owner design a site if they want to increase their Alexa rank?
You can leverage your site design to increase Alexa rank. Here are some ways:
* Design a professional layout
* Post valuable quality content with focus on webmasters. This will also bring more links from visitors who have the Alexa toolbar and increase search engine traffic. Content also helps you get stumbled upon, submitted to Digg, Reddit and similar social media sites. Many members of Digg installed the Alexa toolbar when Digg became bigger than Slashdot and this can also help you. Thus, quality content brings more visitors and improves Alexa rank.

13. What role does good content play in increasing your Alexa Ranking?
Design content that appeals to webmasters. With more and more quality content, your visitors as well as the search engines will love your site. Visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed are likely to link to your site. The search engines will drive more traffic to your site. Your site or blog will get submitted by more people to social media sites such as Digg, Reddit, etc. and this will increase your traffic. Members of Digg who installed the Alexa toolbar when Digg ranked higher than Slashdot might still have the Alexa toolbar and this can be an added bonus. The equation you need to bear in mind is: post quality content, enjoy more visitors and increase Alexa rank.

14. What role does traffic play?
According To Alexa, The Alexa Traffic Rank Is Described As Follows:
“The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Web on a daily basis.

The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the geometric mean of these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit that site as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users).”

15. How do search engines, like Google, help someone increase Alexa Ranking?
The good news is Google is now tied to Alexa!  There is also a positive connection between better keyword ranking on the search engines, Google page rank and improved Alexa ranking.

16. When you go on Alexa.com, you’ll see “an Amazon.com company” proudly displayed next to the Alexa logo.  As Rense.com reported: “It’s no wonder the internet giant Amazon.com bought Alexa. In fact, the Alexa toolbar is now used by Amazon to direct customers to them if they’re searching for a product online…”  The tie-in is good news for Amazon-based sellers, especially publishers and authors.

About the Author: Doherty Martin is an expert on domain ranking and writes in affiliation with RankStore.com, a domain-based service that provides resources to improve your Alexa rank.


What is Alexa Page Rank Check? How to Increase Alexa Rank.  Attention writers!  Get Alexa Widget to increase book sales.

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Best Dog Houses – From Top Celebrity To Backyard Dog House Plans






All but one of our dogs have lived indoors, just going out for fun, walks and exercise.  But we’ve still, over the years, built dog houses out back just to give ’em an easy shelter if they wanted it when they’re outside.  A hideaway in the winter, shelter from the sun in summertime.  Dog houses are just part of the family landscape, eh?

But in the case of Yukon King, our husky mix, we needed a real dog house.  King loved coming in to hang out with the family.  He’d greet me happily when I came home from work and we’d have a hike through the woods.  Snowshoeing with him in winter.  After a while, he became a one-man dog — but that’s another yarn.

Thing was, King couldn’t stand the heat.  Panted overtime on warm days, especially indoors.  A true Northern animal.

And he wanted to sleep outside, even in the harshest winter night.  A real husky — dude even howled like a wolf on occasion, which was unnerving to the neighbours.  Loved the snow.  Death on mice — we’d watch him spring up in the air like a cat to catch them.

So I built him a dog house: big enough for him, comfortable flooring and insulated.  Designed just for a husky.  Size makes a difference and there are differences in the designs of big dog houses and small dog houses.  King’s was one of the best dog houses around, I say with pride.

Dog houses can be a necessity for many families.  For others, just a whimsical act of their human love.

Here, from one of our fave pet experts, is a Guest Blog from Ron Ayalon on some of the more unusual dog houses…


Top 6 Celebrity Dog Houses

“Building your own dog house is not as easy as hammering some wood and nails together. You need to take into account materials, insulation, ventilation, positioning, openings, as well as things like what materials and paints are safe to use.”Bill Keene

Some dogs get all the fun, and some just get to live in really weird houses. From the insanely stylish to the bizarrely comfortable, here are six of the most interesting doghouses I’ve come across.

1. The Cool Pet House: This one is for dogs or cats, or any other animal that weighs up to 26 pounds. It comes with a built-in webcam so that you can watch your pet and let other animal lovers see what they are doing while they sleep, eat, and do the things that animals do when they are alone. The air humidifier and temperature regulation can be controlled remotely, as can the LED lights, so you can maintain a constant environment for your dog, even when you are away.

2. The Celebrity Brick Estate Dog House: For dog lovers with a bit of spare cash, this mansion comes with running water, electric lighting, heating, and air conditioning. Priced at $25,000, the house is custom-made after consultation with the owner, and the total paid varies according to the final design. The builders will even choose materials based on your pet’s allergies or other sensitivities.

3. The Town House: How about an indoor doghouse that doubles as a side table? That is exactly what this heavy wood house does. It fits a removable cushion for easy cleaning, as well as a medium-sized dog. Meanwhile, it is sturdy enough to keep your flowers, lamp, coffee, or books on top, without you having to worry about anything falling over when your dog jump up or moves suddenly.

4. The One Jackson Square Dog House: As a one-off structure, this one sold at auction with a starting bid of $15,000. It was designed to mimic the real luxury condos One Jackson Square in New York. It has a planted roof and looks like a nautilus shell. The proceeds from the sale went to the Animal Medical Center of New York in 2008.

5. Paris Hilton’s Dog House: This one does not have an official name, because it was built specifically as a smaller version of Paris Hilton’s own house. She spent $325,000 on it, and it covers over three hundred square feet. To be fair, her dogs Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada share the space, but they definitely have enough of it, between the living room, balcony, bedroom, and lawn.

6. The World’s Most Expensive Dog House: Even Paris Hilton doesn’t take the cake on this one. In the middle of the Great Recession of 2008, one UK-based dog owner spent about half a million dollars on a dog house for two Great Danes. It comes with a spa, temperature-controlled daybeds, a sound system worth over $200,000, and many more luxuries that most people can only dream of. The house even has a retinal scanner to make sure that other dogs can’t get in.

Love it or hate it, some dogs really do have it made, and so do their owners, apparently. But at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit creative with your canine’s doghouse, and surely there are less pricey alternatives that can be just as fun.

Whether or not your dog ends up in a luxury condo or a house with a spa, or you build a doghouse just for him or her, the heart of the matter seems to be that you can meet your dog’s basic needs for food, health, and comfort without resorting to extravagance that it seems very unlikely that the dog will appreciate.

And remember during the scorching days of summer to keep water out for your dog to prevent dehydration. [1]

Looking for the best Free Dog Training Videos?



[1] Ron Ayalon is an accomplished Internet marketer and educator, focusing on the pet industry and unique websites for building successful pet businesses on the Internet at www.Petwebdesigner.com.

Best Dog Houses – From Top Celebrity To Backyard Dog House Plans

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Rescued Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals & Others – Fostering Or Homing Rescued Animals


Rescued Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals & Others




“Tears welled up in both of us when we saw them — all wagging tails and puppy kisses even after being so abused by our ‘superior race’.  They were still willing to love us and trust us to keep them safe.  No other species on earth has such a capacity to forgive and to love like a dog.  It never ceases to amaze me the ability of humans to inflict pain on such innocent creatures.” – Deborah Eades, EVERY RESCUED DOG HAS A TALE: Stories from the Dog Rescue Railroad

“Give a Rescued Animal a Home!”

The whole idea of taking in abandoned or unwanted animals has taken on a life of its own.  And it’s great!

Dogs are the most common rescued animal taken in temporarily as fostered pets or as lifetime family members.  Cats are second.  Although other popular species are also being taken in and given loving homes, including rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, assorted birds, fish, reptiles and so on.  Even farm animals — though most families aren’t in the position of accepting horses, cows, goats, pigs, chickens…

To a degree, we’ve been doing it forever.  It’s part of a sharing nature so many of us have (or at least folk like you who find themselves visiting a site called CIVILIZED BEARS).  The precepts of Animal Rights may have helped the idea spread.

Here’s a Guest Blog from two experts in homing rescued animals, Maria Elena and Ron Ayalon…



Opening your home to a “rescue dog” [1] is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a dog. Whether it’s a puppy or a senior dog, providing a home for them is not only great for them, but it has an awesome effect on the owners.

However, now that they’re in their new home, how are they going to act? The one characteristic about rescue dogs is that you seldom know their history. While kennels and shelters do their best to investigate your pup’s history (medical, housing, previous lifestyle), they aren’t always accurate. In fact, dogs that live in shelters or kennels for long periods of time will often develop different habits that you might not be familiar with. They may have been potty trained, but probably haven’t had the opportunity to practice it.

Old habits die hard

One of the most serious issues with a rescue dog is that they may be hyperactive when you interact with them and they won’t quite be able to settle back down like most dogs would. It could be because they’re just happy to be free and have a home, but the condition often resonates long after they’ve moved in with you.

Additionally, their new environment may cause them stress. Many shelter dogs have accommodated themselves to living within a small area. Consider making them comfortable by surrounding them with something familiar and then gradually introducing them into a larger home. One of the most effective methods is the crate, and while it might seem contradictory to getting them out of the shelter, it does provide them with a place that is familiar while they are adjusting to their new home.

Another situation is the potty issue. Keep in mind that dog shelters aren’t focused on training and working with a dog, especially in this department. Many dogs will potty in their own housings (contrary to their own instincts), which can quickly and unexpectedly become a difficult habit to break. Be cautious about letting your recently rescued dog navigate your home unattended. If you aren’t with them, it’s best to keep them isolated in a certain location, such as a crate or their own room (make sure they can’t jump over doggy gates).


Comfort is a big thing for a dog.

While we laugh because they can sleep just about anywhere (and in the strangest positions), dogs are often just looking for what makes them comfortable. The question is: where are they going to eat and sleep? Many shelter dogs are going to be accustomed to eating in the same spot where they sleep, and change can confuse them quickly.

It may be necessary to start feeding them close to their crate or sleeping area, then gradually moving their food back to a designated location (kitchen). This should allow your pup to ease into their new lifestyle, rather than just surprising them with a whole lot of change.

One thing to consider is that shelter dogs are often going to be surprised by new objects, sounds, and even people. In order to provide the ideal comfort zone while they adapt, it’s generally good to check your home for anything that would surprise your new dog. This might include loud noises, such as vacuum cleaners, clocks, and other strange noises, that could stress out your dog.

Stress on your dog and how to address it

Keep in mind that stress has a physical effect on a dog as well. The introduction to a new environment combined with a change in diet often results in an upset stomach and even diarrhea. This is simply a fact, so don’t be surprised or upset with your pup if he is having stress-related issues, since you’ll only make it worse.

The best way to address this is as soon as your dog is introduced to the home, it’s time to begin potty training. Take them to a pre-designated location (indoor or outdoor) and allow them to take care of their business there. Be sure that this area is obscured from any outside stimuli, such as the neighbor’s barking dog or even elemental factors. The more comfortable and secure they feel in their potty location, the more quickly they’ll begin to accommodate themselves to your house rules.

Providing a home, even a temporary one, for a rescue dog is a wonderful thing. You’re making their life better by simply giving them a chance to make yours just as good. It might be a puppy, a big pooch, a tiny rascal, or even a senior dog, but what matters the most is that they now have a home and a place in your heart.

Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you don’t want to have to remember. After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go to the store again. Consider home delivery of your pet supplies! [2]



Foster parents are often people of great strength, caring and sacrifice who understand the need for temporary havens while permanent homes are being found. Perhaps you know a child or two in the foster system. These kids can’t seem to catch a break, but sometimes the right foster situation just clicks.

This is certainly the case when talking about kids but we’re not talking children here, we are talking dogs, cats and other household pets. Every year thousands of animals are rescued from abusive homes, freed from lives of terror and starvation, disease and neglect. The effects of such horrors are evident and deep, but not necessarily permanent, thanks to the “now” mindset of most animals or the inability to worry about the future or dwell in the past.

These animals often receive treatment for their physical ailments and find comfort in the patience and great care administered to their damaged psyches, but most shelters cannot contain the sheer number of animals rescued; the costs are too high and the amount of space needed for proper housing is insurmountable.

A foster home helps to defray those costs by individuals and families simply offering a warm bed and healing love to an animal that may have never known a kind human touch or long since forgotten it.

While some shelters can help with rehabilitation of mind and body, many foster homes will also take up that challenge, work to socialize an animal that has been isolated by displaying kindness and, most of all, love, perhaps never before shown to an abused creature. Without foster homes, many more of these unfortunate animals would have to be put down for lack of physical space. Fostering rescued animals is a genuine way to give back to the community and gain a sense of accomplishment.

A Foster ‘Parent’s’ Responsibility:

The number of foster homes is directly correlated to the number of animals that can be saved and many shelters will even offer health management, guidance and supplies. They truly need just a place for the animals to live until homes can be found. Animal rescues will often match foster dogs and cats to families in the foster system, working as closely with that family as possible to give them exactly what works best.

Some foster parents take only a single puppy or an entire litter, while others may desire only grown dogs or just cats, or any mix between. Also asked of foster families is the flexibility to allow potential adopters to see the animal or make the animal available for viewing. Sometimes good descriptions for web sites will be asked for, in order to make the eventual adoption process run more smoothly.

Foster families may need to transport the rescued animal to the vet when medical care or shots are needed, to let the shelter know if there are any behavioral problems that need to be addressed, and in the case of dogs, some light training may be requested. More often than not, foster parents are asked to show the rescued animal a little extra attention, a lot of patience and heaps of healing love.

As a foster family, you provide a wonderful ‘in-home’ rather alternative to ‘in-shelter’ transition between life then and life after adoption. You provide time for an animal to be placed with a forever home and you provide an invaluable service to your animal shelter and to the animal itself.

And what happens if you fall in love with your foster ‘child’? Usually the foster family is afforded first choice of adoption and it happens. This mutual love between foster parent and dog forges a bond that ends up with foster home turning into forever home. While dogs and cats comprise the vast majority of needy creatures, there may be call for housing rabbits and birds, too.

The amount of poor stewardship, abuse and neglect that occurs annually in this country concerning often harmless animals is staggering. You are indispensable in the battle for humane treatment of this planet’s furry citizens; they need you to take action for them. Make a difference in your life, the life of a rescued animal and even the life of the family who adopts sweet Rover: consider becoming a foster family for animals and shelters in need. [3]


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[1] Note: The term “Rescue Dog” can refer to either a rescued dog given a new home, or a trained Search & Rescue dog, depending on context.  Here, we’re talking about endangered or unwanted animals who are rehomed.

[2] Maria Elena has written in affiliation with www.porchpotty.com, a niche product site for dog owners.

[3] Ron Ayalon is an accomplished Internet marketer and educator, focusing on the pet industry and unique websites for building successful pet businesses on the Internet at www.Petwebdesigner.com.

Rescued Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals & Others –  Fostering Or Homing Rescued Animals

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