PlanetWildlife Given Seal of Approval Says International Wildlife Charity

PlanetWildlife has been given a seal of approval from RIGHT-tourism, an international wildlife charity focused on the way animals are treated by tourists. Taking part in the global celebration of Earth Day, PlanetWidlife is pleased to announce this new partnership focused on responsible travel and the fair treatment of animals.

“RIGHT-tourism is about helping people enjoy the animals they see on holiday, without harming them. Travelling with a tour company which understands and cares about wildlife is therefore very important, so it is great that we have been able to team up with PlanetWildlife,” says Philip Mansbridge, CEO of Care for the Wild International, the non-profit, which runs RIGHT-tourism. “PlanetWildlife clearly cares about both the communities and the wildlife that they come across, so we are happy to add them to our list of RIGHT operators.”

PlanetWildlife is now featured on, a website dedicated to providing travellers with factual information on animal tourism in every country in the world. Dubbed the “TripAdvisor for animal tourism,” the website gives tourists information on how to enjoy viewing animals while on vacation, without doing them harm. It also talks about events and places to avoid like bull fighting arenas or badly managed zoos.

“Responsible travel and the fair treatment of animals are important foundations on which we build travel products. Our alliance with RIGHT-tourism showcases this commitment,” says Mytri Indukuru, Director & COO of PlanetWildlife India. “We are very pleased to be listed as one of their tour operators who are ‘Getting it RIGHT.’”

PlanetWildlife’s clients are now given RIGHT-tourism’s list of dos and don’ts before they travel, so they can remember to be responsible tourists on their PlanetWildlife journeys. This list is an excellent supplement to PlanetWildlife’s pre-departure pack, which includes a comprehensive section on responsible tourism.

RIGHT-tourism is not only educating travellers about responsible practices, but is trying to build good practices within the industry. PlanetWildlife wishes to be a part of this change and is committed to furthering this cause. Indukuru adds, “We hope that this work and the work of RIGHT-tourism will make travellers and companies alike think consciously about responsible wildlife tourism.”

For further information on PlanetWildlife, its responsible tourism practices, itineraries and tours, please visit, or email: info(at)planetwildlife(dot)com. For global media inquires please contact Talia Salem at talia(at)planetwildlife(dot)com.

About PlanetWildlife
PlanetWildlife is an international sustainable travel company that specializes in wildlife travel. It is backed by highly successful entrepreneurs and managed by a professional team who are passionate about wildlife and have been involved in a variety of conservation activities over the years. features more than 300 itineraries to Africa, Asia, and the Americas comprising a diverse range of photography safaris, hiking expeditions and bird-watching adventures, as well as ocean cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica.

Most tours offer flexible departures and are well organized, competitively priced, environmentally responsible, and tailored to suit the requirements of group or individual travellers. All tours are led by highly qualified and experienced leaders, and aim to leave a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Respected travel industry professionals and wildlife experts work in consultation with PlanetWildlife and are instrumental in designing each itinerary. The company takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability by promoting a greater understanding and respect for local cultural, social and environmental issues through tourism and its corporate social responsibility initiatives. It is part of PlanetWildlife’s corporate policy to fund select awareness drives and wildlife conservation programs and welcomes suggestions from the public in this regard.

About Care for the Wild International:
Care for the Wild International, established in 1984, is a charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of wildlife around the world. The project was set up to help inform people as to how “animals in tourism” are treated around the world. Tourists are invited to feedback information to the site if they witness good or bad practices. RIGHT-tourism stands for Responsible, Informed, Guilt-Free and Humane tourism. offers factual information on animal-related tourist attractions in every country on the planet.

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